ballet vatan

About Us

Show Balet Vatan was founded by Bakhtiiar AGAIAROV, won an international reward, and Natalia KOZINEC to make real a dream in Ukraine in 1999.Despite the difficult circumstances of the age,Show Ballet made an impression in a short period with its impressive dances,attractive costumes and choreographies and it became the only international group in Ukraine.After spreading to the outland market,Show Ballet was awarded to a lot of rewards,and it had shows on the best stages in the world and it managed to be regarded as one of the big dance groups in the world with its magnificient projects.With its more than 100 professional dancers and more than 70 dance programmes in its repertoire,it showed unforgettable performances by being applauded stood in hundreds of occasions; such as in hotels,art festivals,circus,theatres,universities,youth centers,shopping malls,fairs,TV programmes and videos,night clubs,presentation days in many countries.Our teams can show performances in 6 different countries with the increasing number of performers as a result of the long term collaborations, based on safety, with other organisaton companies in the entertainment industry.